“I like to think that although the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, we never travel in a straight line.”

Álvaro de la Herrán is director, writer and editor, working on editorial, commercial, music and fiction projects. With a background in photography, advertising, film and music, he has extensive experience developing very different audiovisual formats and a transverse vision of communication.

His work combines the visual conceptualization, storytelling, care for the aesthetics and meanings, working with actors and creating soundtracks, with an elegant and mesmerising impact. His personal aesthetic tends towards a balance between the emotional and symbolic and has been featured in numerous festivals around the world and organizations like American Cinematheque Los Angeles, Balenciaga Museum or Diane Pernet of ASVOFF Festival. Alvaro has been a relevant filmmaker in the new wave of “fashion films”, collaborating the recent years with magazines such as GQ, Vogue Italia and Elle magazine. He has also shot advertising campaigns with agencies such as * S,C,P,F… McCANN and AirParis.