THE NIET SWING for Malababa


Some readings can cause unpredictable results in us. 

Playing with the Nietzsche's Übermensch concept, the video was made for the fashion brand (made in Spain) Malababa and it was presented by to celebrate the fresh, female and playful spirit of the brand.

:: Credits ::

The Reader: Carmen
The Vision: Susana

Writer & Director: Álvaro de la Herrán
Designer: Ana “Malababa” Carrasco
Original Music: Your Nemesis
Make-up & Hair: Sonia Sánchez
Lighting & Camera Assistant: Jorgenn
Styling Assistant#1: Susana Fernández
Styling Assistant#2: Cristina Martínez
D.O.P, Editor & Colorist: Álvaro de la Herrán

Production: Ipodermix Studio ©